Information routinely accessed under freedom of information requests

The IAA must publish information about documents to which the IAA routinely gives access in response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, except in certain cases. This is a requirement under the Information Publication Scheme.

Currently, the IAA does not routinely give access to any kinds of information that must be published under this requirement.

Disclosure log

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The IAA must also publish a disclosure log on its website. The disclosure log lists information which has been released in response to an FOI access request.

The disclosure log requirement does not apply to:

  • personal information about any person if publication of that information would be unreasonable
  • information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person if publication of that information would be unreasonable
  • other information covered by a determination made by the Australian Information Commissioner if publication of that information would be unreasonable
  • any information if it is not reasonably practicable to publish the information because of the extent of modifications that would need to be made to delete the information listed in the above dot points.

The information described in the disclosure log has been released by the IAA under the FOI Act and is available for public access. The disclosure log must be updated within 10 days of information being released under an FOI request.

A link is provided in the disclosure log if the information can be downloaded from this website or another website. Information that is not available on a website may be obtained by writing to the IAA or by sending an email to

A charge may be imposed to reimburse the IAA for the cost incurred in copying or reproducing the information or sending it to you. You will be notified if any charge is payable and you will be required to pay the charge before the information is provided.

Information attached to, or referred to, in the IAA's disclosure log will generally be removed after 12 months, unless the information has enduring public value.

IAA Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

This disclosure log contains details of information released under FOI requests that must be published under section 11C of the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Information is published in this log within 10 days of the release of the information under an FOI request.

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