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The role of the IAA is to conduct reviews of fast track reviewable decisions. Fast track reviewable decisions are those decisions made by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, or delegate, to refuse to grant a protection visa to a fast track applicant.

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Information for Fast Track Applicants

To assist applicants in understanding the IAA’s role in reviewing decisions, a fact sheet has been created and translated into the most common languages of our applicants.

What you need to know about the IAA


On 7 December 2023, the Australian Government introduced legislation which will abolish the Immigration Assessment Authority (IAA) and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and replace it with a new body called the Administrative Review Tribunal (ART). This new legislation, having been passed by both houses of parliament and received royal assent, is currently awaiting proclamation.

The IAA is required to continue to undertake reviews, including those ordered by the Courts, until such time as the new legislation commences, on a date to be fixed by proclamation, and the new Tribunal is established. All cases currently before the IAA will continue. Most cases currently before the IAA are expected to be finalised before the IAA is abolished.

Once the new body is established, any remaining cases will transition to the new body. If you have been referred to the IAA for review of a decision and your case is transitioned to the new body, you will not need to do anything. Further information will be provided at that time.

If you have specific questions about your case, please contact 1800 205 919.

Further information about the reform

For further general information about the reform, please visit the Attorney-General’s Department website.

For common questions and answers relating to the reform and IAA processes during this time, please see our FAQs

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