When the Department of Home Affairs (the Department) makes a fast track reviewable decision, it will be automatically referred to the IAA.  This must be done as soon as reasonably practicable after the decision is made.

There is no need for a fast track review applicant to submit an application to the IAA.

Information given to the IAA by the Department

When the Department refers a matter to the IAA for review, it must also provide a statement to the IAA that:

  • sets out the findings of fact made by the decision maker
  • refers to the evidence on which those findings were made, and
  • gives reasons for the decision.

The Department must also give the IAA any material provided by the referred applicant to the decision maker before the decision was made and any other material considered by the Department to be relevant to the review.

The Department will also provide the last known contact details of the referred applicant.

The IAA will acknowledge receipt of the referral to the Department and will advise the referred applicant that the referral has been received from the Department. This will occur within 2 working days of receipt of the referred case by the IAA.

Communicating with the IAA

The IAA’s preferred method of communication is email.  If the Department has not provided an email address for a referred applicant, the IAA will request the referred applicant provide one.

Documents can be sent to the IAA by post or by email.

If a referred applicant wants documents to be sent to another person on their behalf (authorised recipient), they will need to advise the IAA in writing of the name and address, preferably an email address, of that person. The IAA will then communicate directly with that authorised recipient.

For further information about communicating with the IAA see Practice Direction 1: Practice Direction for Applicants, Representatives and Authorised Recipients