All forms can be completed electronically and submitted to the IAA by email.

The IAA’s email address is

To complete and submit a form electronically (where no signature is required):

  1. Click on the form below
  2. Complete the form using your computer
  3. Save the completed form to your computer
  4. Attach the completed form to an email to the IAA.

Where a form requires a signature, you will need to print the form and sign it (the form will tell you if a signature is required). The form can then be scanned and emailed to the IAA. If you do not have a scanner, you can send the form by post.

The IAA’s postal address is GPO Box 9955, Sydney NSW 2001.

IAA Forms:

Appointment-of-RepAR-v1-0.pdf F2 - Appointment of Representative/Appointment of Authorised Recipient
Change-of-Applicant-Contact-Details-v1-0.pdf F3 - Change of Applicant Contact Details
Change-of-AR-Contact-Details-v1-0.pdf F4 - Change of Authorised Recipient Contact Details
Withdrawal-of-RepAR-v1-0.pdf F5 - Withdrawal of Authorised Recipient/Withdrawal of Representative
Withdrawal-of-RepAR-v1-0.pdf F6 - FOI request